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Millions Custom Landscaping provides creative and innovative landscaping solutions for greenspaces in Silverdale. If you’re looking for a way to refresh and elevate your property’s flora, we’re a dedicated and experienced team of botanical experts able to guide your landscape in the right direction.

Find affordable and sustainable landscaping solutions when you consult with our hard-working specialists. We’re here to turn your vision of a welcoming and calming backyard into a reality.

Talk to our team today about your landscaping goals. You can book a consultation by calling us at (360) 275-5797.

A Landscaping Company That Takes Care of Everything

Some homeowners tend to ignore the exterior parts of their property. They don’t see the value in beautifying the space. Putting money into making it flourish seems like a waste of money to them, and the time spent on it is even more of a drain.

That’s where Millions Custom Landscaping comes in. We help your yard look charming and inviting with minimal time and money spent. With us on the job, not only will you want to spend time outdoors all the time, but our landscaping work will also significantly increase your property's value.

Don’t break the bank to make your outdoor space livable. Simply hire us to enhance your property’s exteriors while keeping your budget in mind. Call (360) 275-5797 so you can reclaim your outdoor space!

What Sets Millions Custom Landscaping’s Landscaping Service Apart

Here at Millions Custom Landscaping, we’re confident that the quality of our services makes us a premier landscaping company, one that stands head and shoulders above the crowd. The following are the reasons we think we’re the right choice to care for your property:

We Create Unique and Innovative Landscapes

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and thought every property looked the same? Fading into obscurity won’t be one of your worries with our team creating and maintaining your yard. Combining in-depth knowledge of botanicals with trained skills in implementing landscaping features, we accomplish yards that perfectly suit our clients’ individual styles and tastes.

That’s why we’re confident that our talent for landscapes that make passersby stop and stare is one of the reasons we’re the landscaping team for you!

We Listen to Your Desires for Your Landscape

Rather than calling the shots and telling you what your yard should look like, we believe in making your vision a reality. Is there a landscaping feature you’ve got your heart set on? We can accomplish it. Are you unsure of the specifics but know the overall vibe of the landscape you’d like to live in every day? We know the practicalities of bringing it to life!

Our comprehensive consultations before designing and building your landscape give you ample time to communicate your desires—and have them listened to. We don’t consider our job complete until you’re completely satisfied!

We Take Care of Everything from Start to Finish

We know that what bars many people from pursuing their landscaping goals is the sheer amount of back-breaking work involved in gardening, landscape construction, and planting. With our team, you don’t have to worry about any of those tasks falling on your shoulders because we take care of everything from start to finish.

We offer our clients the following services and more:

  • Custom landscaping design
  • Garden installation
  • Patio construction
  • Wooden and composite deck building
  • Paver installation
  • Excavation
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Tree and flower planting and seeding
  • …and more

We provide a full roster of landscaping services that allow you to get everything you need from one reliable, trustworthy source.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Brought to Life

The front yard is the first piece of your property that anyone lays their eyes on before they enter your home. It’s the space that gives your visitors a first impression and the area you look at every day you come home. It stands to reason that it needs to be well-maintained and welcoming to all who visit your home, including its inhabitants.

Millions Custom Landscaping is renowned for manicuring and maintaining Silverdale front yards to perfection. We can bring your front yard landscaping ideas to life. Whether you want tall trees to provide shade to your property or trimmed bushes and strategic rock placements to elevate the look of your property, we’ve got you covered. When we’re on the job, you’re sure to receive a gorgeous-looking front yard that instantly increases your curb appeal.

Creative Landscaping Design for Your Space

What are you looking to get out of your yard space? Fully utilizing the outdoor space on your property is essential to extract the most enjoyment and value from your space. At Millions Custom Landscaping, we strive to aid our clients in achieving their dream landscapes. Please tell us what you would like to do and see in your backyard, and we’ll help you create it.

Clients throughout Silverdale value our services for the elegant and creative landscaping designs we create. Work with us and take advantage of your outdoor space to host backyard gatherings, let your kids have a play area, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy your morning coffee or evening tea out in your yard surrounded by lush greenery. The benefits of a professionally maintained landscape are incalculable, and with our crew of landscapers on your side, you can achieve them all.

Expert Landscaping Architects at Your Service

If you’re in the market for a high-quality landscaping company with accomplished employees, look no further than Millions Custom Landscaping. With years of experience under their belts, our landscaping architects are dedicated to caring for your every need.

From consultation, design, project management, and installation to maintenance and inspection, our qualified staff can execute every portion of your landscaping project to your satisfaction.

Don’t waste time searching for the right yard work team! Phone (360) 275-5797 to hire the best landscaping company and crew in Silverdale for your needs.

Uplift Your Landscape with Millions Custom Landscaping

Is your property feeling a little lackluster? It may be time for a change of scenery. But that doesn’t always signify a kitchen remodeling or a bathroom renovation. Instead, think ‘outside’ the box – look to your front and back yard space for inspiration.

Millions Custom Landscaping prides itself in having held the title of the best landscaping company in Silverdale for years now and would like to extend our renowned services to you. Contact us at (360) 275-5797 to get your yard spruced up by the best in Silverdale.

Our talented team of landscaping experts excels at every service required to refresh and update your landscaping. You won’t believe it’s the same yard once we’re finished building new garden beds, installing gorgeous walkways, setting up unique landscaping features, or even constructing a new deck or patio. If you’re ready to step out your door and marvel at the natural beauty of your property, give our team a call today.

Speak to an Expert

Elite Landscaping Contractors and Architects

At Millions Custom Landscaping, our landscaping contractors and architects are picked out of an extensive list of candidates based on their individualistic passion and skill set for the trade. When they’re passionate about the job, they naturally enjoy bringing the best of their abilities and knowledge to put to work in your space.

Our expert contractors apply artistic and scientific principles to the research, planning, design and management of your land. They undertake complete field observation and review of landscape construction, restoration and maintenance to give you optimal use of your yard.

Our qualified architects execute production and sealing of the landscape site, grading and drainage, irrigation, planting and construction, all the way to cost estimates and specifications.

With our fully trained staff, our constant goal with every customer property is to improve environmental resilience and mitigate climate change by promoting the sustainability of natural assets.

Premium Landscaping Materials and Supplies

We specialize in collecting premium quality mulches, rock supplies and quality soil. When we visit your property, we will inspect it for soil quality, PH levels, nutrient levels, wind direction and more to identify the specific needs of your land. Accordingly, we choose and implement the best products to nourish your yard and make it perform at its highest level.

We strive to use the best sand, gravel, bark mulch, compost and soil mixes with no dyes or toxic chemical additives. With our efforts to provide the best supplies, we have the perfect solution for your vegetation, soil, water and air. Our materials will ensure your garden flourishes at its best.

Superior Landscaping Design for Your Front Yard and Back Yard Ideas

Upgrading your yard space is a perfect way to increase your property value. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal with an updated front yard or craft a backyard retreat for family entertainment, we have the perfect design to complement your ideas.

You can leverage our wide array of options and design features to find the ideal space that will speak to all your goals and needs. From a children’s play area and a custom barbecuing spot to a personalized vegetable garden, we will implement all your specificities into our design to make it the stuff of your dreams.

Contact Millions Custom Landscaping for Your Next Landscaping Project

Nothing says fantastic like a lush yard filled with all your beautiful ideas transformed into specialized foliage, water features and bespoke stonework. Contact us at (360) 275-5797 to get your property exterior looking just the way you want and more.

Landscaping Company in Silverdale

Millions Custom Landscaping is a professional landscaping company located right here in Silverdale. We are proud to provide our community with a range of services that cater to the needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Our goal is to turn outdoor spaces into green oases that seamlessly marry beauty and function.

Whether you are looking to transform your backyard, or you want to plant the perfect garden, our landscapers are proud to be of service.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your landscaping needs and book an appointment!

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Custom Landscape Design

One of the reasons why Millions Custom Landscaping is one of the most relied-upon landscaping companies in the area is because we take the time needed to plot out your project, step-by-step carefully. We listen attentively to our customers to get the best understanding of what you're looking for.

We will consider your budget and introduce you to products, materials, and design techniques that you can afford to invest in. Our experts will keep you informed as the project progresses and ensure that everyone working your property knows your expectations.

Once we finalize your custom design, we will provide you with a quote for the services before getting started.

Boost Market Value with Our Landscaping Services

Investing in high-quality landscaping has a myriad of benefits: Your lawn will become healthier and more attractive, and your property will become more valuable overall.

Homebuyers are attracted to properties that look neat, relaxing, and move-in ready. Everyone loves to have an outdoor space to call their own, therefore landscape design and construction will end up paying for itself when you find the perfect buyer.

The quality of the landscaping project is only as good as the company that completes it, so don’t settle for less than the best - call us!

Promote Lawn Health with Our Landscaping Company

Landscaping is about more than just making your property look beautiful and increasing market value. It is also about promoting the health of plant life on your property so it can be enjoyed for seasons after seasons.

We are happy to provide our clients with the following lawn care services:

  • Mowing
  • Pruning
  • Irrigation
  • Planting
  • And more!

Stunning Hardscapes and More!

While greenery may be the focus of your landscaping pursuits, every backyard should have a human element, and that’s where hardscaping comes in.

Our landscaping contractors have the skills and tools to build decks, patios, pathways, BBQ pads, rock gardens, and so much more.

Let us know your vision, and we’ll work to build a space you'll love.

Get a Quote for Your Landscaping Services

Millions Custom Landscaping is here to make your landscaping dreams a reality. Whether you are hoping to promote healthy growth on your property, design a custom patio, or plant a stunning garden, our landscaping experts are ready to get started.

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